Back to where it once began

 It's seventeen years since I first had a blog, here on Blogger, back in the days when there were only a couple of places to host a blog without doing lots of heavy lifting with your own server and keeping software up to date and so on.

In that time I've had a couple of reasonably useful sites, but eventually went down that rabbit hole and played first with Drupal and then with Wordpress on self hosted systems and ended up spending more time neck deep in code and databases and so on and less and less writing anything.

Of course, we've got sires like Medium and Substack now, but I want something that may turn out to be temporary while I decide where I want to end up, and since I have a Google account, I may as well try Blogger out again, hopefully to get me kickstarted on writing again without worrying too much about themes a and widgets and so on.

So stay tuned. I hope to put together a collection of shorter comments on the goings on in the world day-to-day but more importantly some longer comment pieces from my world-view about how we can do better!


  1. Anonymous2/1/23 19:46

    Looking forward to learning how we can do better. Lamenting is a good exercise when it leads to improvement.


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